Ravens vs. Broncos Madden simulationI typically don’t pay attention to what the Madden simulations say about actual football games, but I’m trying hard to justify my prediction that the Ravens will upset the Broncos on Saturday.

This simulation stuck out to me.

Both defenses were working full force in this game, holding each team scoreless in the first quarter. Manning led the Broncos into Ravens territory late in the first. Denver struck quickly in the second quarter with an early touchdown from Manning to Stokely. With a minute to go in the half, the Ravens try to put something together from their own 25. A screen pass from Joe Flacco to Ray Rice goes for 75 yards for a touchdown, tying the game at 7.

Baltimore receives the second half kick off and takes the ball into Broncos territory. The drive stalls and ends with a Justin Tucker field goal. In the fourth, Denver takes the ball to the 3 but is held out of the end zone; settling for a field goal. The Ravens take a shot deep and Flacco connects with Jacoby Jones for a 50 yard play leading to another Tucker field goal.

Denver has a minute to go to tie the game or go for the win. Manning dumps the ball off to Stokely for a first down but he’s blasted by Dannell Ellerbe and fumbles the ball. Paul Kruger picks up the loose football sealing the win for the underdogs 13-10.

The Ravens kneel the ball twice to earn an upset win in Denver, continuing Ray Lewis’ historic career into the AFC Championship game.

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  1. Zach wilt wrote: “…but I’m trying hard to justify my prediction that the Ravens will upset the Broncos on Saturday”.

    Hmmm…not the most resounding of endorsements is it? I mean…a video game?!?!?

    So, here’s the deal: Peyton Manning owns the Ravens! So much so, that some of that turf that Ray Lewis ate last weekend actually belongs to Peyton. Although, real estate prices being what they are these days, that turf has probably lost value since the last nine times Peyton have given the Baltimore sports writers nothing to good to write about the next day. That’s nine times in a row by the way….as in 9-0.

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