Despite the final score, Joe Flacco was the better quarterback in the AFC Champion on Sunday.  I don’t care that Tom Brady hoisted the Lamar Hunt trophy with Patriots owner Robert Kraft in that same blue shirt and pink tie that he wears every time I see him on TV. (Seriously the guy is worth a billion dollars and he wears the same freaking thing to every Patriots game.)

As I mentioned in my Quick Hits post, statistically Joe Flacco outperformed wonderboy Tom Brady, but he came up short in the end thanks in part to a dropped pass by Lee Evans and a shank by Billy Cundiff.

Flacco begged for more love from the media during the postseason.  He told them that he didn’t get the credit he deserved and when the Texans kept him quiet last week, Ed Reed publicly said that he had to perform better in New England.

After the game Flacco’s teammates addressed his performance.  Bernard Pollard told Dan Kolko of that Flacco “played his butt off.”

“For everyone that keeps dogging him, shut up.”

Just to be clear, does that include Ed Reed?