As I watched Mark Sanchez and the Jets go down against the Steelers I felt an all too familiar feeling of disappointment. Neither my team nor my consolation team could get it done against the Steelers. While it looked as though Sanchez and the Jets were imploding in the first half he turned it on the final thirty minutes. I decided to look up their post season statistics to see which young quarterback is truly better.

Typically if you score 19 unanswered points against the Steelers you’re going to win. That is unless you gave up 24 unanswered. In the Jets 22 offensive plays in the first half, they netted just 50 yards and Sanchez went just 7-15 in the first 30 minutes of play. But the second year Jets QB finished 20-33 with 233 yards and two touchdown passes. His quarterback rating was 102.2 and he averaged 7.06 yards per attempt. The big stat was that he threw zero interceptions which kept his team in it until the end.

Baltimore’s quarterback also struggled against the Steelers in the divisional round. Flacco went 16-30 with 125 yards, a touchdown and an interception. Flacco’s QB rating in that game was just 61.1. The Ravens offense netted just 126 yards in that game.

Neither Sanchez nor Flacco have played a home playoff game despite their 4-2 and 4-3 records respectively. So what’s the difference between Sanchez and Flacco in the big game? Individual performance.

In Mark Sanchez’s six games in the postseason, he’s won in Cincinnati, in San Deigo, in Indanapolis and in New England. He’s completed 60.5% of his passes in those six games, thrown 9 touchdowns and just 3 interceptions. Sanchez’s QB rating is 94.3 and he’s been above 100 in three of his six contests.

In comparison, Flacco has completed 53.3% of his passes, has won in Miami, Tennessee, New England and Kansas City, but has thrown just four touchdowns and seven interceptions. Flacco’s rating in those games is 61.6 and he’s been above 100 in just the Kansas City game. Baltimore’s best win in the playoffs over the past three seasons, in New England, was a sleeper for Flacco. He threw just 10 passes for 34 yards with a interceptions and recorded a 10.0 rating.

So who would you rather have? If you base it off statistics in the big games then Sanchez is your guy. But you can’t argue with the success that either team has had and clearly the best is in front of both of these young talents.

Who would you rather have, Sanchez or Flacco?