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Warning: in this episode, there is crying in baseball. The joy has left Mudville, and Birdland. Buckle Up, this episode has a few dark spots.

The guys open with the big news of the day: Manny Machado’s knee injury. Their medical degrees haven’t come in the mail yet, so they can’t really diagnose the injury, but they can certainly hope for the best, and break down what “the worst” might mean.

This week’s episode features a rather eventful Drink of the Week, but avoids The Medical Wing (can’t face the Manny Machado injury), as it’s simply too depressing.


The guys had a perfectly good set of show notes written up, but tonight’s events made them irrelevant. Despite a terrible series, andthe end post-season hopes, they were prepared to be a little positive. That just doesn’t seem possible. There’s a pallor over Orioles Baseball right now.

  • How bad is the injury?
  • Let’s not overreact – our medical degrees haven’t come in the mail, yet
    • What if he never comes back at 100%?
    • What effect does the injury have on the team?
    • What effect does the injury have on the fan base?
  • Jake’s take on jerseys…

Our Best Shot at a Normal Show…

This Week on the Twitter (TWotT)

  • Community and Support
  • Classy reactions from @RaysBaseball and countless players around the league
  • Haters gon’ hate
  • Ignoring “local media” and their agenda against the baseball team


  • Not a good week, statistically
  • Have we seen Roberts’ last HR as an Oriole? They guys debate #bittersweet
  • Will we see Jonathan Schoop as the season unfolds?
  • What happens next year – is there a change in the winds?


2013 Season All But Over

  • Rays series: 18-inning loss took the fight out of the Orioles
  • Pitching has been fine, but the offense has been a real problem
  • Are we relying too much on our stars? What does 150+ games mean?
  • Was 2013 a successful season? You be the judge.
  • What do the fans do for the last home stand of the season (shout out to OsSunglassesGuy)?


Fantasy Boss

Can you believe that Scott won again? Davis and Jones worked hard to have less WPA than the other. In the end… both sucked. But Scott won. With that, he has the chance to pull into a tie over the last week of the season. For such an occasion, he took it easy on Jake. The next category is hits. Who wil get the most hits?

Jake went with the sentimental pick: #TheBrianRobertsWatch.

Scott took Nate McLouth.


Who will own it?

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Who had a great week? Who had a terrible week? Who made us ashamed to be Orioles fans? Find out in this week’s GB&U. The guys run through their Good, Bad, and Ugly.


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