Joe Flacco didn't have a great week in Houston
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I have a confession.

I’m a Bleacher Report junkie. Sometimes I find myself clicking through their slideshows for hours, laughing at how terrible it all is. I know, I need help. Serious help.

I’ll try to share this bad article with you and be done with it. No promises though.

One of BR’s many featured columnists put together a slideshow (shocker, I know) of the NFL’s most overrated teams. Of course, the 6-2 Baltimore Ravens made the list, but for a reason you may not have guessed.

The biggest reason this team is overrated is because Joe Flacco is not an elite quarterback capable of carrying his team. He has serious accuracy issues, and when the pocket breaks down—especially up the middle—he tends to make terrible decisions.

At least now we know what the problem is.

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  1. You lost me at Bleacher Report. Come on, we can’t feed the trolls. Just because they are on the internet doesn’t mean they have any credibility. This guy has less credibility than an Around the Horn personality!

  2. Correction the Baltimore win over the Clevland Browns was not due to our defense; we were not covering any of there receivers; Clevland quaterback was missing wide open receivers over and over; just look at the game films; if he could have hit all these completly open recevers Clevland would have won easily. ; while Pittsburg has steadaly improved we remain stagnent we are leaving a quailty option on the bech; Bobby Rainey RB could be used together with RiceRB; and our big blocking fullback to create quick runs and short passes and to control the ball and the clock; instead teams are keying on Rice and effectivley holding our run offense and control of the ball inefective; come on coach Harbarugh wake up; you just may go down with your pal Cam Cameron. I know you will not evn try this because it makes sense. Respectfully submitted; Frank Kalita; 35 Year Baltimore Sport Fan.

  3. I agree. Flacco is way overrated. He is as flat as his personality. He already peaked!!!!! Look for the downhill slide…..second half of the season BUST

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