Former Ravens head coach and current broadcaster Brian Billick took to his blog on Wednesday morning to weigh in on the current NFL labor dispute. Billick said that the players and owners are in the early stages of the negotiations, or as he calls it the “throw away” part, but that the players have all the relevant data that they need to get a deal done.

This is more about embarrassing the owners rather than actually obtaining important information. Almost every team is basically a family business. Like most family businesses, expenses and cost of the family are typically run through the business. This is neither illegal nor inappropriate. It is simply the way our tax system requires those with small businesses to operate. Regardless of the huge sums of money and the public attention, each team in the NFL individually is really nothing more than a small business.

Billick did not give his opinion on when the dispute will be settled, but based on his thoughts it seems that the players and owners still having started doing the actual negotiations.

As a side note, Billick recently joined twitter where he posts snippets like this one on a daily basis.