17 years later, Ray Lewis’ influence and leadership on the Baltimore Ravens is stronger than ever. The future Hall of Famer is focused on winning one more game, the biggest game for him in 13 years, and he’s making sure everyone is the locker room has their sights on that goal.

According to Ryan Mink of the team’s official website, when CBS’s crew came to The Castle on Wednesday to shoot head shots and pregame interviews, Lewis told them to put away an non-engraved Lombardi Trophy that was brought as a prop.

CBS Associate Director Cory Fishman said Ray Lewis laid down an order that nobody was going to be shot with the trophy. Not touching it, not around it, NOTHING.

Lewis later told the network (not these exact words … and believe me, they’re powerful words that you’ll want to tune in to hear) that they hadn’t earned the Lombardi yet. So they didn’t deserve it.

I love it. Keep these guys focused. They’ve made it, but they haven’t won it yet. One more game.