Ray Lewis#10 Nate McLouth Walkoff Against Tampa Bay

It may not have been in the 18th inning, but Nate McLouth’s walkoff against the Rays was still reason enough to celebrate. Following Manny Machado’s stellar pump fake defensive play, McLouth drove across the winner to edge the Rays 3-2 and help the Birds retain a share of first place in the AL East.

#2 Ray Lewis Announces His Retirement

Everyone knew it was coming. Ray Lewis’ durability in the most physically taxing sport on the planet, playing probably its most violent position was astonishing. But somewhere in the back of their mind, every Ravens fan knew that the ride was coming to an end at some point soon. That didn’t make it any less shocking when Lewis held a press conference prior to the playoffs to announce that the 2012-2013 season would be his last.

This Baltimore Ravens team won a Super Bowl because they were a supremely talented bunch of both sides of the ball. They executed better than each of their playoff opponents, and the stats in the box score will corroborate that. But if you think this announcement didn’t make the fire burn a little hotter in all the Ravens players, then you’re crazy. Because of their long and stories history, there are a number of faces that define the team across the street, but ask 100 football fines to name the player that defines the Baltimore Ravens, and they will all say Ray Lewis.

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