So runs its Bubble Watch around this time of year as we get closer to the Big Dance and it helps to determine who will have dancing shoes and who will be left to watch on the sidelines. There seem to be a myriad of mediocre and average teams this year and we have added three more teams to the field to make it 68 instead of 65. We are gonna focus on the Terps and their dancing possibilities.

Maryland Terrapins: 15-8 (5-4), RPI: 77, SOS: 60

They find themselves in the 6th slot out of the 6 teams listed for the ACC. They currently have Duke, UNC, Boston College, Florida State, and Virginia Tech ahead of them.

Unfortunately, the Terps have been unable to get a marquee or signature win as they hung close but ultimately lost to Pitt, Villanova, Illinois, and twice to Duke. The Terps have also lost at home to both Boston College and Virginia Tech. They were hurt by their win over Wake Forest over the weekend due to how bad Wake is and the game against Longwood on Wednesday will not be good for the computer rankings. However after the Longwood game, the Terps play on the road against Boston College and Virginia Tech so they need to rebound. There is still time in the season but the Terps need to get wins and a signature win or two to add to the profile wouldn’t hurt either.