The rivalry between Baltimore and Pittsburgh isn’t nearly as simple as the Ravens and Steelers recent hatred against on another. Believe it or not it roots all the way back to the early 1970s and even dips into Major League Baseball.

Jon Gallo of detailed the greatest rivalry in sports (my opinion) in a piece entitled Flacco, Baltimore again face Pittsburgh roadblock.

Charm City squads are 0-6 all-time in postseason series or games against Steel City opponents.

Want a history lesson?

The Orioles lost to the Pirates in the 1971 and 1979 World Series. The Baltimore Colts took their share of Pittsburgh pummeling, too. They lost to the Steelers in the division round of the 1975 playoffs, 28-10. A few weeks later, the Colts were relegated to watching the Steelers win Super Bowl X with a victory over the Cowboys. The next year, the Colts lost, 40-14, in the divisional round to a certain team from a city on the banks of the Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio rivers.

Gallo broke down some of the great battles between the Ravens and Steelers to include Pittsburgh’s defeat of Baltimore in 2002 which ended the Ravens chances of back-to-back Super Bowl wins, the AFC Championship in 2009 and their most recent matchup just a few weeks ago.