Joe Flacco - Baltimore Ravens quarterback - sacked by Green Bay Packers

The John Harbaugh/Joe Flacco duo had never lost a game against an NFC opponent in front of their home crowd at M&T Bank Stadium — until today. Aaron Rodgers‘ Green Bay Packers edged Baltimore 19-17, dropping the defending champs to 3-3 and second place in the AFC North behind the Cincinnati Bengals (4-2) after their overtime victory at Buffalo.

Another slow start by Baltimore’s offense forced them to dig out of a 9-0 hole on the third quarter, but a pair of coaching decisions by Harbaugh and company may have been more to blame.

Down by just a field goal, the Ravens put together a nine-play drive from their own 33 yard line and had four more chances to put the ball in the end zone. After failing three times on the right side with Ray Rice, they chose to hand the ball to Bernard Pierce on the left side on 4th and 1 and were stopped on the one yard line. Had the Ravens taken the easy field goal they would have tied the game at three.


Things got even worse with 20 seconds remaining before halftime. Joe Flacco threw incomplete to Torrey Smith on 1st and 10 from the Baltimore 34, then was strip-sacked on the next play allowing the Packers to kick a 31 yard field goal before the two teams headed to the locker room. Why the Ravens didn’t just take a knee to run out the clock is beyond me.

That’s six easy points that poor coaching decisions cost the Ravens, they lost by three.