Haven’t you heard?  It’s the 20th Anniversary of Oriole Park At Camden Yards.  New statues, a lower wall in right field and a cool bar area on top of the centerfield wall aren’t the only additions coming to the Yard.

CNBC’s Darren Rovell tweeted two new food items for sale in Baltimore this season.  Fans will be able to purchase a Crab Macaroni and Cheese Hot Dog and the Camden Giant a crab cake on top of a hamburger with “special sauce.”

Isn’t special sauce always Thousand Island dressing?  Either way I’m hungry.

I’m not the foodie on the BSR staff (I defer to you Sadler), but I’m pretty psyched to try the Camden Giant this summer.

What do you think?

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Zach Wilt is the Founding Editor of BaltimoreSportsReport.com and host of the BSR Podcast. He's a loyal Orioles, Ravens and Capitals fan who is obsessed with baseball, loves traveling, In-N-Out Burger and Walt Disney World.


  1. Definitely cised for trying both this season. I will report back and let everyone know how those items taste.

  2. More fattening food. Did they get the message that America is FAT. Not me but America.

  3. WOW,,,,,let’s improve everything but the team,,,,,,,,,,,it is still a minor league team playing in the majors…………..

  4. The crab macaroni is made with artificial crab , just like the O’s attendance statistics………….

    • When was the last time you said something positive Spy? Oh, it was whenyour Uncle Gorbachev had that big ass bird shit stain removed from his forehead?

  5. Sorry guys,,,,I made a typo……I meant to say I am an artificial crab who just comes on here to stir up trouble,,,,, it is Easter,,,,, so please forgive me for always being an ass…..,

  6. I only made one post here,,,,,,,,,the imposter is out again , poor guy…………

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