Fred Flinstone - Ray Rice

Just about everyone (outside Baltimore) agrees that the NFL’s two game suspension for Ray Rice was weak. Also Stephen A. Smith’s comments on First Take were despicable. There have been hot takes written on the subject all over the place. Like this one from Washington Post columnist Sally Jenkins.

See, some guys can sound so dumb you’d think they had a chair broken over their head, but the first element of provocation a woman should avoid is calling them on it, whether it’s an NFL official justifying a two-game penalty for a running back going all Flintstone on his wife, or an ESPN announcer who holds your cable subscription hostage while he tries to string two sentences together.

Whoa, whoa whoa. Don’t go dragging Fred Flinstone’s clean name through the mud.

Thankfully, Martin Kramer of Takoma Park wrote a letter to the editor (yeah, people still do that) and defended the honorable Flinstone name.

Ray Rice, Fred Flinstone

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  1. Sally Jenkins- Maybe you need to watch an episode or two of The Flintstones before you start bashing and comparing Average Loving Fred to Rich Wife-beating Rice. Fred was a great example of your average joe husband not only in the caveman timeframe, but even in this day and age. Fred busted his ass for Wilma and Pebbles to make ends meet for their family. Rice, on the other hand has NO worries of making ends meet and punches his wife out. What you have done in your article is compared apples to oranges…get your facts straight before you talk out loud!

  2. Poor Fred. How’d he get drug into this?!?

  3. MGW- All because of a big mouth journalist who had no facts before she talked…dumb BITCH!

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