If you were wondering how much control Joe Flacco has on the Ravens offense this season, second year tight end Ed Dickson told 1 Winning Drive that he read Steelers safety Troy Polamalu like a book on Sunday.  Flacco, who had been criticized for an inability to read defenses, reportedly communicated with Dickson on Steelers defensive schemes which helped lead to his third quarter touchdown catch.

“Me and Joe communicated, like [Joe said] if you see him [Troy Polamalu] cheating again, Joe said if they do it again just take it high,” Dickson said in this week’s episode.  “So I see Polamalu taking it low so I took it to the end zone.”

1 Winning Drive replayed Dickson’s catch, which showed a struggling Polamalu bite on a fake and get scorched by the new tight end for the Ravens fourth touchdown of the day.

Joe has come a long way since taking that shot in week 13 last year that led to a momentum shifting fumble ultimately allowing the Steelers to beat the Ravens.  Now he’s predicting how the 2010 Defensive Player of the Year will read his offense.