Fake Ravens Super Bowl RingI’m dying to know what the Ravens Super Bowl ring design will look like. Hopefully they’ll follow the St. Louis Cardinals and LA Kings‘ example and giveaway replica rings to their fans.

On Monday, @RavensNation on Twitter posted a picture of what was the design for Baltimore’s Super Bowl XLVII ring. It featured two Lombardi trophies with the Ravens logo in the middle and “World Champions” engraved on the side.

The tweet was quickly deleted as it was discovered that this was just a mockup using the Patriots Super Bowl XXXVIII ring with the Ravens design from Super Bowl XXXV. Not a bad photoshop job, but clearly a fake.

I do like the idea of integrating both trophies, but would like to see a better looking Ravens logo on the ring. Perhaps the shield could be used this time.

How would you design the Ravens Super Bowl ring?

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  1. Llke this. http://imgur.com/a/wU1Zs

    Put the Lombardi trophies on one side of the ring over an etched Maryland shield. Player info on the other side. Super Bowl info inside the band.

  2. make it more like the giants from last year.. but purple diamonds outlining the entire ring. then have our raven logo like the pats have theirs.

  3. the diamond eye in the logo needs to go didn’t like it in ’00 an will hate it if they do it this year. but if they do decide to do something to that affect … then cut it to make it look like the actual logo

  4. I realize the whole point is to out bling the last guy, but I can’t really offer anything other than it looks gaudy no matter what.

  5. “I do like the idea of integrating both trophies”.. Like its an original idea? uh, you do realize teams add a large diamond for how many Lombardi’s they have ever since the first team won 2 of them 40 years ago right?

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