I’ve been a nervous wreck about game seven all day. Suddenly, I’m feeling much more confident.

Orioles centerfielder Adam Jones traveled with the Ravens all postseason and they came back from New Orleans with the Lombardi Trophy. Tonight at 8 PM, the Capitals host the Rangers for game seven of the Eastern Conference quarterfinal series and AJ will be rocking the red at Verizon Center.

Thank goodness. Hopefully AJ’s good luck continues and the Caps advance. I love seeing him support the local teams.

Go Caps! #stayhungry

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Zach Wilt is the Founding Editor of BaltimoreSportsReport.com and host of the BSR Podcast. He's a loyal Orioles, Ravens and Capitals fan who is obsessed with baseball, loves traveling, In-N-Out Burger and Walt Disney World.


  1. For all the crap that AJ had (has) to endure from clowns like Lil Boy Nestor and his minions, he has thoroughly made himself a part of this community. He’s past every test – signed a long term deal, bought a house here, been a fan of the other area teams- he’s a real asset to the community.

    The trolls will say “yea, but he’s misjudged 3 fly balls”.

    Trolls are gonna troll.

    We won’t hear anything about the balls lost in the sun yesterday, though. It’s not in style to rip others on the team.

    Glad AJ is an Oriole and supports the local teams.

  2. It’s possible that all of us saying that he would be good luck to the Caps may have been too much jynxing for his luck and the team to overcome. We lost the game for the Caps. It’s our fault.

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