Grant Balfour

Longest. Negotiation. Ever.

It feels like the Orioles have been haggling with closer Grant Balfour for weeks. I guess it’s been a few days. Balfour’s name popped up in O’s rumors seven days ago, apparently they are still working on a deal.

The Boston Herald’s Jen Royle tweets that Balfour was offered a “sweet deal from another team” but prefers to sign with Baltimore. She adds that the Orioles offered two-years at $6 million per, then three-years at $7 million per season with incentives. Apparently Balfour wants three-year, $8 million with a vesting option.


Balfour will be 36 in December. Three-years with a vesting option is just too much. Overall, I’m confused about the Orioles interest in Balfour after watching them deal Jim Johnson to Oakland.