Haloti Ngata just made a lot of people happy in Baltimore.  No, it’s not because he signed a five year contract that will keep him in Charm City until 2016.  It’s because he told Dan Patrick that he likes beating up on pretty boy Tom Brady because “he thinks he should never be touched.”

“I love hitting Tom Brady because he always complains,” Ngata said.  He added that his hits are “usually clean.”

You’ve got to love Ngata’s candid answers as he called out Brady for thinking he’s in a league by himself.  The NFL has softened the rules for him and guys like Ngata take pride in bringing them back to reality.

Ngata’s interview in SI wasn’t just about crushing QB’s, he also told Patrick that he could bench press him 40 or 45 times and that Ray Lewis doesn’t intimidate him he gets him “more pumped.”