Is my bias showing? I’m not too worried about it. Despite a home playoff game for the Colts, Indianapolis faced a potential black out because their fans nearly failed to sell out the game against the Jets. According to a report from, the Colts had 5,000 tickets to sell at the beginning of the week and were left with a few hundred just hours before the deadline at 8 PM on Wednesday.  They sold them just as time was about to expire.

Colts players took to twitter to encourage fans to buy up the seats.  Punter Pat McAfee, wide receiver Pierre Garcon and conerback Jacob Lacey all took to begging this poor fan base with giveaways to watch them play in the playoffs.  Pathetic.

I took to a Colts message board,, to see the reaction of “fans” in Indianapolis.  Here are some of my favorite responses.

A fan by that went by OneVoice made excuses saying, “…Not saying they will lose, just saying it would be understandable. Jets are a good team and have most of their core players; Colts have lost too many core players to keep up their own standard of winning expectations (in the eye of the Indy public).”

Hooiserguy gave a laughable excuse from a typical bandwagon fan you’d expect to see wearing a Manning jersey. “I might consider buying a couple of tickets if I didn’t have to work all day on Saturday and the Colts actually had a chance in Hell of winning.”

The only Colts “fan” that made any sense to me was omahacolt who wrote, “our fanbase is such a pile of ****.”  He’s right.

This fan base couldn’t get excited about the playoffs in their own home town, they deserved to get blacked out.  After this week, they likely won’t have to worry about selling anymore tickets anyway.

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  2. oh_fer_fks_sake

    I paid over $800 for tickets the the Jets-Colts game last December. Christmas presents for the family, some who had never been to an NFL game.

    Polian let the Jets win.

    Will never buy another Colts ticket. Ever.

    Go Colts, but do it on TV!

  3. NOT_rocket_science

    Paid over $800 for Colts-Jets tickets last December. Christmas gifts for family, some who had never been to NFL game.

    Guess what? Polian gave the game away. Will never buy another Colts ticket.

    Go Colts! On TV!

  4. Zach-

    Loved the article. i live in indy but HATE the colts (all bears fansin my house).

    Heres what i dont get. they are saying the game is sold out, however, you can still get tickets. even 10 in a row! how do they get away with calling it a sell out?

  5. you can still buy tickets to this game! it is NOT sold out. go to and see for yourself. this game should be blacked out!!!

  6. I was shocked to see how many tickets were still available and cheep.
    I live in Pittsburgh where the fan base is the most loyal there is, Colt fans if there are any wont get a seat here.

  7. Irsay claimed game was sold out last night. Just went on the Colts website and could buy face value tickets through Ticketmaster. What is his definition of SOLD OUT?

  8. So the Colts leave for greener pastures in Indy, of all places.

    Tagliabue then puts teams in other podunk towns like Charlotte and Jacksonville, both of which cannot sell out their stadiums. Heck, the Jags are courting officials in LA.

    Meanwhile, at the "Museum", Baltimore faithful break new attendance records with each game.

    • Awww someone's feelings got hurt cause the Mayflower came and took away their team. Don't hate appreciate. The fan base is great the team this year has always had sell out games. When you have a few days to sell 5000 tickets comeon I think it always is a little close. Second it has been awhile since we had been put in that situation cause normally the Colts sweep the division. So for one game you can say that Colt's fan are crap for not coming out, but there is a reason the announcers constantly mention the noise in Indy! Fairweather Fans or just plain timing and situational circumstances. Of course this come out from someone from Baltimore….no better than NEW JERSEY!!!

      • Baltimore sells out it’s remaining regular season tickets a few minutes after they go on sale. 5,000 playoff tickets not being sold in DAYS is laughable.

      • Alisha – you are not representing the facts, as they are. The NFL gives each team permission to sell playoff tickets WEEKS before the end of the season. Even though the Fifth seeded Ravens will most likely not host a playoff game, the tickets have been sold out since before Christmas. So don't try to tell us that the Indy Cars only had a "few days" to sell them, they've had weeks.

  9. Indy's #1 Colts FAN

    And your website is BOGUS take a moment and do your research or at least proofread your work.

  10. its not bogus, just a typo.….and he's right…colts are the biggest fairweather fans of all time.

  11. ONE and done when sexy Rexy shows the Indy faithful that the game has passed them by…like the Mayflower van. I hope you enjoy watching the purple and black on the tube from Dallas. Peyton Manning? He couldn't carry Johnny U's athletic supporter. Strike up the Colts band.

    • Not sure why you would say that Peyton Manning couldn't carry Johnny Unitas's athletic supporter, since they both played for the same franchise. That would be like saying that Dan Marino could not carry Bob Griese's jock strap. Anyway, I think that the Ravens will beat the Chiefs 30-10. However, The Ravens are probably lucky that they didn't have to face the Colts in the playoffs, considering they are 2-0 against the Ravens in the playoffs, and have won the last 8 games in the series.

  12. This is an absolutely absurd article. I live in north indy and the majority of this state loves this team. Over 500 kids in my high school alone are going to the game sitting in various areas. the colts are our team and we stand behind them no matter what the circumstances. I like to think our 10-6 metiocre team “barely” selling out is still a good thing. I’ve watched numerous jets games where there have been hundreds of empty seats. I’ve been to three colts games this year and they were all nearly sold out if not sold out. It is extremely loud and our fans love colts football. If people aren’t at the game, they are at sports bars watchin the game with fellow fans. I cannot, however, speak on behalf of colts fans in other cities and states. But whenever I watch a road game I see numerous colts fans in the crowd so I wouldn’t call our fan base terrible. If anything call it good to great. I think baltimore fans need to get over the fact that we left, and quit being jealous that we’ve had better success the last 10-12 years than you. In my opinion. All I’m saying is no matter circumstances our fans still love our team. The only reason we didn’t have those tickets sold is because it came down to the 17th to know if we were in or not. Why buy tickets early if your team isn’t playing in it? I know there are still tickets on stubhub and ticketmaster, but come gametime you watch it’ll be completely full, sold out.

  13. If only the ravens were as tough as their fans on mssg boards, lol…… GO COLTS

    • Kpreece – No tough guys I've ever known use "lol".

      Maybe that's tough in the Midwest, but it'd get your a$$ kicked on the east coast.

      Where's your smiley face, you know – : )

  14. Soooo "Indy's #1 Colts FAN", your letting us know you looked like an idiot by wearing a "Mayflower Hat" to a football game… Sweet, nothing like self degredation! Did all the "Indy Men" wear the hats? Did it match your TerryCloth shorts, floral tube top, leg warmers and rattail?

    Kpreece – Look clown, its not our fault your parents hated you when you were little. Hell, just because they gave you a toaster and a radio every time you took a bath, don't hold it against us… And stop visiting the “Self-Service Massage Parlors” Hoss…

    Alisha – I know about “Hooked on Phonics” but what are you doing, the drug version called “Hooked on Chronic”? Cause what you wrote is common from someone doing the "Powder Diamonds" and "Cambodian Red"… Ease up cause your goina run out of spoons…

  15. "Ohmeibalzich" – You are so funny my man! That name of yours is classic 4th grade! Typical Indy juvenile humor…. Better get ready for bed cause you got to get up early for school tomorrow. Do the kids at recess tease you and won't let you play kickball? Look, take your chalk and go play "Hopscotch" with the other losers… "



  17. this is a dumb post. your just pissed that the colts left you and now we have been a lot better than u lately, by that i mean more successful. im going to the colts game and there will be 65,000 screaming fans. it will be extremely loud as always. good luck to the jets. go colts

    • Jealous of what? The Ravens won a Super Bowl before the Indy Colts and we didn't have a team until 1996.

    • …65,000 screaming fans with 65,000 teeth between them.

      • thats exactly what an ignorant baltimore fan would say. good luck with your ten points a game offense against kc. id put my fans up against yours any day of the week. all this talk about our fan base being bad is bullcrap. we have some of the most loyal fans in the nfl. and when peyton retires and we have a few down years. you watch our fans will still be there because we love our team through and through

  18. baltimorefullofidiots

    hilarious that Baltimore fans are still bitter after 26 years. Ravens are like the Colts little borther, always crying for attention before getting completely dominated. Must get wearing on the Baltimore fans’ fragile egos.

    in any caseim cheering for the Ravens this weekend. You do seem to have more insight into Brady’s play than Indy does…

  19. rectumnearlykilledem

    The Colts are a horrible franchise with a terrible fanbase. What else would you expect from a bunch of hillbillies?

  20. Bitter Baltimore bitches. Peyton and the Colts own the Ravens.

  21. And the measure of a great football team is of course the amount of Super Bowl wins they have… Soooooo Indy fans, you have how many SB's since you left Maryland? 1? And in the least amount of time, the Ravens have the same 1 Super Bowl… So I would have to say that YOUR Colts are not better than the Ravens… In fact, the Ravens even won theirs BEFORE your Colts… You Indy fans are tools…

    • i forgot you guys have gone to the playoffs 7 out of the last eight years. we beat u last year. we have bragging rights. shut up

      • It's all about the championships Jordan. Baltimore got ours with the Ravens before the Indy Colts and we didn't have a team until 96. We also have the same number of rings, so brag all you want. I saw the Colts choke in the Super Bowl last year.

  22. Let us all remember that the Ravens are actually the Cleveland Browns.

  23. George… I don't think I mentioned anything to do with the Browns… My take was all Ravens… In fact, I feel this team has nothing to do with the Browns since they have a team now… along with their colors, name, records, etc… Just like the Colts should have nothing to do with Baltimore but they do because they won't give back the colors, name, records, etc… So, the Indy Colts have a dual identity where as the Ravens do not… Do I disparage Indy for having the Colts? Not at all.. Would I like the colors, name, records in Baltimore? Sure… But in all, it makes for a good rivalry…

    • Stole the Brownies……and they didn't even let you keep the history……Ravens? RAVENS?
      Best you could do?

      PS – talking is easy, apparently beating the Colts and Manning is not….losers.

    • Rivalry? Don't you have to beat us every once in awhile for it to be a rivalry? HAHA. Tool.

    • Just be glad you'll be out of the Playoffs before the Colts get to teabag you guys again.

  24. You guys must be upset being an also ran to the Colts and pasties year after year….

    PS – how did that second playoff game work out for you last year??????

    • Mel,

      The "Great" Indy Colts and Peyton Manning have won as many Super Bowls as Trent Dilfer.

      Peyton should stick to TV commercials and Saturday Night Live. His much better in those roles than he is as a championship caliber quarterback.

  25. Also – Freaks is the WORST Colts site there is….with Indy Star 1a worst….

    Horrible fans / people.

    Try to check out real Colt fans…

    • Those "real" Colts fans aren't even going to the game. Don't preach to me about being a fan when you're nearly blacked out for a playoff game.

      • i dont get your point, it came down to the last week of the season before we knew if we would be in or not. i will be the first to admit we have had an off year, but why would somebody but playoff tickets if they didnt know whether we would be in or not? i stick by my team though and i bought to tickets and my family has bought 10 more.

    • "Try to check out real Colt fans… "

      I'm guessing that all 6 fans visit that site?

  26. My buddy "Mel" is back! I love you man! I missed you so much! Ever since the big "Kent Island Cookout" and our foray in the pool, you have been missing in action!

  27. KPreece, Indy Colts Fan, Alisha…I'm going to miss you guys! The Great Peyton chokes again!!!!

  28. On second thought, I'm glad that Indy didn't get blacked out. It would've been ashamed if they missed the Jets come into their house and beat them. While I don't expect any of the Colts fan trolls to come back and defend their team, it's been fun bashing your franchise all week. Your wonder boy QB is 9-10 in the post season. Brady>Manning

  29. Man, I really miss my Indy friends. Jordan, come back. Let's talk about Peyton's one championship that he won in a hurricane. Let's talk about how your great fans couldn't sell out the stadium until the team begged. Let's talk about how you couldn't even come up with your own mascot. You are the Utah Jazz of football. Please come back, we miss you!!!!

  30. Hear that from the Indy fans…crickets!? In a blink of an eye the 2010 SB teams are eliminated. Appreciate the input, now you bunch of Mayflower hat wearing corn husk smoking losers can enjoy the Ravens match to Dallas. Peyton Manning couldn't carry Johnny U's athletic supporter…oh I already said that previous. Peyton Manning isn't equipped enough to wear Johnny U's athletic supporter. Enjoy your slumber, training camp begins in July.

  31. Where o where can the Indy Colt fans be? Where o where can they be?

    Wonder if they will be wearing their "Mayflower" hats today!

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