Joe Flacco didn't have a great week in Houston
Image Credit: AP Photo/Dave Einsel

When it comes to stupid stats created by ESPN, no one has been worse than Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco.

According to ESPN Stats and Info, Joe Flacco’s 0.3 Total Quarterback Rating on Sunday is the worst by anyone since 2008 with a minimum of thirty action plays.

Though I’m not sure what quantifies an action play over just a play or how Total Quarterback Rating is even calculated, this must be bad.

Flacco’s QB rating (not a made up ESPN statistic, but still a confusing one) is 106.5 at home this season, but 55.8 on the road. That’s certainly party of the Ravens problem. As a team they have scored 32.3 points per game at home, but just 15.1 on the road.