Sergio Kindle has impressed at Ravens Training CampWith the announcement of Terrell Suggs being moved to the Active Roster, came the news that the Ravens most recent draft bust, Sergio Kindle, has been waived. This move was a long time coming. Kindle, who was the Ravens 1st pick in 2010 draft (2nd rd), missed his first season due to a skull fracture and rarely made the game roster. There was talk of his inability to understand the playbook.

All this to say, apparently Ozzie is wrong from time to time. I had always thought that Kindle was just going to be a late bloomer, but it seems like he lacked the ability to “Play like a Raven.”

Did the Ravens do the right thing by giving up on this kid? Will he end up making a name for himself on the Jets or some other team?


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  1. Every so often, Ozzie likes to prove how smart he is. Taking Kindle with his first overall pick two years ago was a Cincinnati Bengals move of drafting a low character guy and hoping.
    Kindle had two substance related events in college, including fleeing the scene after crashing his car into an apartment complex. There’s a reason he lasted into round 2. Then he falls down not one, but TWO, count ’em, TWO flights of stairs, gets arrested again in Baltimore…wow!

    Truth is he had more arrests than he did “quarters played” in the NFL.

    Goodbye “CrackHead”. Il miss seeing you on the weekly “Inactive” report.

  2. Drafting Kindle was a good move, it just did not pan out. Imagine the return if he only fell down one flight of steps versus two? I think he goes elsewhere and becomes serviceable much like Jim from Dundalk who reinvented himself in this blog.

    • Funny , we haven’t heard from ‘Jim from Dundalk’ recently , have you been keeping him busy behind Cap’t. Harvey’s ? Jim from Dundalk used to comment more than Ozzie’s second round bust’s , now you can add one more to the ever growing list……………….

  3. Now for my real comments,,,,,,,,,,,,this game may just well be a referendum on Ozzie’s recent draft picks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,has he picked well enough for these guys to keep the reputation of the defense going as they move in to replace the ageing veterans ? Idoubt it very much but time will tell as we begin with this game today,,,,,,,,,,,,actually this season may be a referendum on Ozzie’s recent draft picks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I have been known to put down Ozzie from time to time , I will let this season speak for itself , actions speak louder then words , let the action begin…………………………..Go Ravens…………………….I hope I have been wrong about Ozzie the past few years but I fear I have been right…………………..

  4. I keep telling you guys, Phil Savage was the brains of this organization not Ozzie! Check the records. While Phil was here the Ravens drafted 10 Pro Bowlers. Since he left, Ozzie drafted 3 since Phil left, pathetic.

    Much like the brains of this blog, you have the 9incher, The Intimidator, Spy, MGW, Pole, Ravens2488, we are like Savage, Ric Flair, Whooooo. Then you have Jim from Dundalk, MysteryMan, Chow and TCR69, they are just not as good., John Cena. You guys feel my drift?

  5. Spy, Jim from Dundalk, and Dude form some kind of “Insane Clown Posse”…

    The “Incher” has been known to provide free colonoscopies behind some great institutions such as Dunkin Donuts, Dollar General, NorthPoint Flea Market, Ollies, Fotomat Drive-Up Kiosks, Luckys, Any Liquor Store or Check Cashing Center, Rent-a-Center, 7-11, White Coffee Pot, and any Chinese Carryout… The “Incher” goes all out for his customers, insuring he has the thickest cardboard. The “Incher” is able to get this from discarded refrigerator boxes. As well, the “Incher” gets slightly used brown grocery bags for those who want to be discreet.

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