Manny Machado homers in the ALDS for the Orioles against the Yankees
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Joe Sheehan of Sports Illustrated didn’t give Buck Showalter or the 2012 Baltimore Orioles any credit in his AL East Hot Stove preview column. “They weren’t a 93-win team, but rather, a .500 team that got a bit lucky,” Sheehan writes.

I just can’t understand the “luck” factor. Bad teams lose a lot of close games, but apparently “lucky” teams win them. It makes zero sense to me.

Sheehan adds that the Orioles need to target a third baseman and completely downplays Manny Machado’s success over the final two months of the season. “With the caveat that price and deal length matter, they could use Nick Swisher in leftfield, Kevin Youkilis at third base (with Manny Machado, somewhat overmatched, starting the year at Triple-A) or perhaps Marco Scutaro at second base.”

So the plan is for the “lucky” Orioles to sign a guy who hit .219/.306/.344 with 3 home runs and 8 RBI the final month of the season and start the 20 year old who hit .273/.313/.403 with 4 homers and 16 at Norfolk? And then they should sign a 37 year old to play second base?

If you say so.

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  1. Whatever. They’ll just have to back it up this year and let the “experts” and fantasy baseball gurus quote stats all year long.

    These guys have forgotten all about character and chemistry.

  2. I bet you this guy didn’t watch one O’s game all year until the Rangers/Orioles play-in game. His article is based on whats on paper. His comments about going after Greinke, Swisher, Youkilis are ridiculous and he ends with stating “The Orioles should not buy into the hype” which is exactly how he’s making his decision on what the Orioles need. I think Duq earned the right last year to go about this offseason the way he wants to and I don’t think any of those names will be on his list. Sheehan gets a big thumbs down in my opinion.

  3. Wow. How do some of these guys get these jobs? Saying MM was overmatched?! He obviously wasn’t watching. He also thinks we should go get over priced aging players to basically be stop gaps. Isn’t that what we finally got away from and won 93 games. If he wants to say we were a .500 team but lucky, whatever. But he should have at least say something about continuing to groom guys like manny, hoes, matusz, bundy, etc. this guy is a joke. Of course he is working for the magazine that had the Red Sox in te top 10 and O’s in the bottom 10 of their power rankings until a couple weeks left in the season. Get a clue, pal.

  4. First and foremost Zach this isn’t directed at you, but there’s a reason a bunch of these so called sports writers think they are a authority on all that is baseball, and more than likely were fans growing up and never played the game competitively. Anyone who knows anything about baseball would first recognize that you don’t win 93 games by being lucky, maybe a 3 game series but not a season. It is true that we need additional players to make a run and even possibly take the AL East crown next year, but it isn’t by going out and trying to buy it. Hey Sheehan, ask the Angels how that worked out for them this year, while the A’s the West divisions version of the Orioles whipped their back ends.With a last name of Sheehan he has to be a bitter RedSox fan.. The Bird’s nest doesn’t need you endorsement, just your clean car so we can put droppings all over it.

    • Bill, not only the Angels but also the Dodgers, the Red Sox, the Yankees – who won one more playoff game than the Birds.

      Good stuff!

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