Washington Capitals and Wizards majority owner Ted Leonsis cleared the air about fans booing his franchaises by telling them are free to cheer and boo in any way they deem fit. While responding to a story on PuckBuddys.com, Leonsis offered his take on the issue that fans have debated for ages.

My take: You paid for your tickets with money and with time.

You are free to cheer and boo and be passionate in any way you deem fit.

You just need to behave in a civil manner and be considerate of your fellow fans in the arena.

I understand the urge to boo. I understand the compulsion to stand and cheer and celebrate.

I am hopeful our teams make you cheer way more than boo over a lifetime of service.

Do you agree with Leonsis, or do you have a problem with booing your hometown team?