It was just announced that Derrick Mason has agreed in principle with the Ravens on a two-year deal to return to the team.

Given the fact that his future immediately after the season seemed uncertain, with him openly discussing retirement and the recent acquisitions of Donte Stallworth and Anquan Boldin, getting Mason back in the fold did not seem to be a sure thing. Yet Ozzie Newsome made it clear in a statement that the Ravens valued the production Mason had given the Ravens in his time here and his chemistry with Joe Flacco made it necessary that he return. With Stallworth and Boldin, Mason’s return gives the Ravens the makings of a formidable corps of wide receivers.

I have to admit, I wasn’t one of those fans who couldn’t sleep at night worrying whether Mason would return. Not because the Ravens couldn’t use him, but there wasn’t any sense in worrying whether or not he would return. We saw that movie last offseason, after the death of Steve McNair. That said, I am sure that I join many Ravens fans in welcoming Mason back to the team and look forward to his steady production for the next two seasons.