Derrick Mason's Jets jerseys have become collector's items

After Rex Ryan is fired from his job as head coach of the New York Jets, whether it be at the end of a disappointing 2011 or ten years down the road, one of the signings that people will call a failure during his tenure will be that of Derrick Mason.

Former Ravens have flocked to New York to begin anew under their former defensive coordinator and all around fun loving guy, Rexy.  One of those guys just never seemed to fit in.

Last night, Derrick Mason was traded to the Houston Texans for a conditional draft pick.  Mason reportedly struggled learning the New York offense (of course so has the rest of the team) and complained about his role on the team which ultimately led to this move.  NFL insiders, including the Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson aren’t surprised to see these personality traits become public.  “Par for the course,” Wilson tweeted on Tuesday.

At 2-3, the Jets sit in third place in the AFC East behind the New England Patriots and the red hot Buffalo Bills.  New York is arguably the second most disappointing team of the young 2011 season behind of course the dream team Philadelphia Eagles at 1-4.

It’s never good when a player clashes so badly with a team that he has to be moved.  Especially when the coach of that team is as boisterous as Rex Ryan.