How much are the Orioles missing Manny Machado? To answer that question in a few words, quite a bit.

According to’s Wins Above Replacement totals, Manny Machado was the second most valuable player on the Orioles roster at over six wins. Only Chris Davis and his 53 dongs ranked higher.

Baltimore Orioles 2013 WAR Leaders - Manny Machado

In fact, Machado’s 6.2 WAR ranked him tenth overall in the big leagues last season, behind a couple MVPs and a few other All-Stars.

2013 MLB WAR Leaders

In addition to attempting to replace Machado’s 51 doubles and 71 RBI, the Orioles also also trying to replace his stellar defensive play at third base. The O’s defense recorded the third highest defensive efficiency rating (.701) in the AL last season and the highest fielding percentage (.973) of any big league club. No player had a higher ultimate zone rating than Machado last season.

2013 UZR Leaders - Manny Machado

What’s that? You’re not a believer in UZR? Machado had the most assists of any third baseman in 2013 (355), turned the most double plays (42) and had the highest fielding percentage (.973). His range factor per nine and range factor per game also led the league at his position.

Manny Machado stats

So, yeah, the Orioles are missing Manny Machado a lot. Like, a lot a lot.

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