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With the first round getting close to wrapping up, let’s take a quick look at all the different series.
Thunder up 3-1 (prediction from last week: Thunder 5)
Oklahoma City has been the dominant team of the two and almost came back from a double digit deficit with 1:30 to play in Game 4 to close the Nuggets out in Denver but fell 3 points short. Looks like Thunder will close the series out at home on Wednesday night.
Grizzlies up 3-1 (Spurs 7)
The Grizzlies have looked like the far better team in the four games and the Spurs look like they are aging before our eyes. We shall see what kind of fight the Spurs have on their home floor on Wednesday night and see if they can send it back to Memphis for a Game 6.
Mavs up 3-2 (Blazers 6)
Home team has won each of the games and the Mavs were able to bounce back to get the win in Game 5 after blowing a 23 point lead in the 4th quarter in Game 4. It’s been an entertaining series as both franchises have checkered playoff histories.
Lakers & Hornets tied 2-2 (Lakers 6)
It’s been the most entertaining series of the first round thanks in no small part to the brilliance of CP3. He has willed his team to victory twice now. If you haven’t learned anything, don’t underestimate his heart and passion when he is healthy. It should be an exciting close to series needless to say.
Celtics win in 4 (Celtics 6)
With injuries to Amare and Chauncey Billups, Melo couldn’t carry the New York D Leaguers and get a victory against the defending Eastern champs.
Heat up 3-1 (Heat 4)
The heat were up 6 with 1:12 to play and the Sixers closed on a 10-0 run to win the game and force a Game 5 back in Miami. The Heat are the superior team in this series.
Bulls up 3-1 (Bulls 6)
The winner has won by no more than 6 points. It’s been back and forth the whole series but Pacers lack a go to scorer and closer and the Bulls have Rose. That’s the difference.
Hawks up 3-1 (Magic 6)
The Magic can’t seem to score besides Dwight Howard. They shot 2 for 23 from three in Game 4 and I am not totally sold the Magic can even win Game 5 back in Orlando. I am not having much confidence in this bunch.