Haloti Ngata on Contract extensionHaloti Ngata is a fan favorite of the Ravens. I mean his name alone is just cool to say. Ngata (pronounced Naa-ta). Besides that he has done a killer job on the defensive line ever since being drafted out of Oregon in 2006. So, the Ravens and Ngata are working on a contract extension and based off of contracts given to defensive linemen the last week, his contract should be quite rich. Charles Johnson signed a 6 year $72 million with a $30 million signing bonus. Cullen Jenkins signed a 5 year $25 million deal and Ray Edwards signed a 5 year $30 million deal.

However, at this time both the Ravens and Ngata are mum. Ngata signed his franchise tag tender, which is $12.5 million for one year. A good starting point would be the deal similar to what defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh got last year as the second pick in the draft (5 years, $68 million with $40 million guaranteed). It will be interesting as the Ravens are still over the 120 million dollar cap how the negotiations go.

What would be a good price for Haloti Ngata?