I hate when fans say that the Umpire/Referee lost the game for them. That’s never the case. Some Baltimore fans are a classic case of that whiny, everyone is against us, persona. I hate it.

But last night Angel Hernandez was horrific at Oriole Park at Camden Yards and two runs scored in the 7th inning that should have never crossed home plate.

Image Courtesy of the Baltimore Sun

Hernandez called a balk on Jamie walker which advanced Maicier Izturis, who should have been thrown out, and resulted in an early shower for manager Dave Trembley. During the game broadcast, hall of famer Jim Palmer said the call was wrong. Palmer watched the replay and stated that he didn’t see what Angel saw as a balk.

Jamie Walker took it to another level. “The runner obviously thought he was out,” Walker said. “The only explanation I got was that I stepped towards home.” “I don’t know if he had money betting on the game or what,” Walker told the media.

Hernandez might not have had money on the game, but you can bet Major League Baseball has money on fining Walker for his comments.

Dave Johnson on the Orioles All Access Post Game show on 105.7 told listeners that he thinks Angel Hernandez is a bad ump altogether. He said his strike zone was horrible and the balk call was equally just as bad.

The bottom line is that the 4 out inning on the invisible balk call allowed 2 runs to score. The Angels won 7-5…by 2 runs.