Nick MarkakisHappy Anniversary! On July 19, 2013, Nick Markakis drove in Manny Machado with an RBI double in the top of the fifth inning to give the Orioles a 3-1 lead over the Rangers. Since that time, Markakis hasn’t recorded another extra base hit this season.

Markakis is hitting .264/.339/.603 between July 20 and August 18 in 121 plate appearances. Markakis has 28 singles and has walked 13 times over that span.

While I no longer expect power out of the Orioles corner outfielder, I did anticipate more than 11 home runs which is what he’s on pace for in 2013. That would be a career low. Markakis hasn’t hit more than 20 home runs since 2008.

He’s making $15 million this season and another $15 million in 2014. Markakis has a $17.5 million club option in 2015, but I can’t imagine that will get picked up.

Across the outfield, Nate McLouth is making $2 million this season while posting very similar numbers at the plate.

  • Markakis (29 years old): 121 games, 542 plate appearances, .279/.334/.367
  • McLouth (31 years old): 111 games, 464 plate appearances, .272/.341/.407

I would assume that McLouth would get a two or three year deal after this season, hopefully in Baltimore. Despite his numbers against lefties (.227/.299/.375), he’s in a very similar position as Markakis.