Power Rankings are almost as annoying as mock drafts, but that doesn’t mean we won’t cover them both this week on BSR.

I’ll start the coverage with Power Rankings.

Monday morning the world-wide leader rolled out their baseball Power Rankings and Orioles fans will notice their team right in the middle of all the action at number 18.   The O’s sat at number 18 last week ahead of and behind the same two teams, the Rockies and Angels respectively.

While 18 is in the lower half of the rankings, you could easily argue that Baltimore deserves a top half spot. They’re behind the 8-8 Diamondbacks, 7-7 Giants, 8-6 Mets, 7-8 Marlins, 8-6 Indians and 6-10 Angels with their 9-7 record.

Los Angeles just won it’s first series of the season, the Indians jumped seven spots with series wins over the lowly Royals, Mariners and A’s while Arizona, San Francisco and Miami all have .500 or below records.

The biggest noticeable jump this week was the Orioles leaping ahead of the Boston Red Sox who fell nine spots from number 15 to number 24.  Their disastrous 100th year celebration of Fenway Park was rain shortened yesterday.  Who knows how low they would have fallen had they been forced to endure another game against New York on Sunday night?

Rounding out the top 10 of Power Rankings are the Rangers, Tigers, Yankees, Cardinals, Dodgers, Nationals, Braves, Rays, Phillies and Blue Jays. The Phillies? Really?

That’s three AL East teams for those who lost track.

The bottom ten goes like this: Brewers, Reds, Mariners, Athletics, Red Sox, Pirates, Twins, Astros, Royals, Cubs and Padres.

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  1. After 13 losing seasons you’ve got to earn that respect.

    I’d say the ranking is about right. Series wins against Minnesota and Chicago aren’t that impressive. A series win against Toronto gets you some points, but is balanced by a sweep by the Yankees. 18 sounds about right.

  2. 18…I hate to agree with anyone but it’s about right.

  3. Who pays attention to this stuff? These people need lives,,,,,,can anyone help them or are they beyond help,,,,,,,statistics are for losers , exactly what the O’s are…………

    • I hate that all these brock fanboys keaepmking excuses for him losing. Why cant they just accept that he got beat by a better fighter. lesnar has horrible stand up but these fanboys think that brock is some kind of god but other than being big and strong he raelly cant fight

  4. How many games do the Orioles have to win before you stop calling them losers?

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