I’m pretty sure by now you’re all caught up on the Dan Duquette to Toronto rumors, so I will hold back on any specific details in this post. I am here to talk about how I would handle this situation if I was the Orioles owner, since I feel that Peter Angelos is handing this situation a bit odd.

In short, Duquette has a contract with the Orioles until 2018, which he has to honor. Here’s the thing though, he can still move to another team with compensation going to his former team and with the owner’s approval. In this situation, Angelos is basically doing Duquette’s job, as a GM, and deciding what he wants in return for him, which can obviously be bad.

Peter Angelos is a lawyer with a reputation of getting what he wants. He held out on letting baseball in D.C. for as long as he could. The only person’s opinion he cares about is his own. His career background can certainly help in this situation, but he is not the best baseball mind by far in the organization. It’s my belief that Angelos will either get what he wants for Duquette or he will shut down any trade offer Toronto sends him.

There are so many feelings that came to mind when this situation came up. Sadness, anger, disappointment, angst and many other emotions. The one that stuck with me was confusion.

Confusion as to why Angelos would force a man to continue to work in a position he does not want when he is offered a higher ranking position with more pay in a different organization. I would want the best for a man who helped turn around my franchise and bring back winning baseball to Baltimore. I know it would be hard to part ways, but the Orioles best option could possibly be in house.

That replacement that immediately comes to my mind is former Orioles centerfielder Brady Anderson. Anderson is currently the Vice President of Baseball Operations, which is only one step down from Duquette role, Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations.

Anderson has worked with so many individual players in his time working in the Orioles organization, helping out players during Spring Training or even working with them during the season before games or on off days. Nobody else from the front office really knows the current players in the clubhouse better than he does.

With obvious help from manager Buck Showalter on moves to improve the club, I think Anderson is the best current short term solution to replace Duquette.

With four years remaining on his contract and the opportunity to leave for a division competitor, you could expect that the O’s would get a lot in compensation. One name that can be thrown around is Jeff Hoffman, the Blue Jays 2014 first round draft pick who has recently had Tommy John Surgery, which I would be okay with.

I personally don’t believe that the Orioles’ lack of action this offseason is because Duquette might want to leave, history has shown that he always operates like this. But any way you put a spin on this story, it comes across as very odd.