Peter Angelos thanks Orioles staff, Buck ShowalterIt’s amazing how dramatically the perception of someone can change — say for example, the owner of a professional baseball team.

Peter Angelos went from the overbearing majority owner of the Baltimore Orioles who was single handedly responsible for their 15 years of losing to the guy who hired the manager and GM that turned around the franchise. I’m not saying Angelos isn’t to blame for some of the O’s issues. There is enough evidence to indicate that he was gripping this team a bit tight in the past, but he seems to be saying all the right things now.

“As far as the local team here is concerned, we just want to tell them we will be back next year,” Angelos said follow the Orioles 3-1 loss to the Yankees in game five of the ALDS. “They better get ready for it.”

The O’s owner didn’t shy away from questions about the team’s long drought. “Especially for the Orioles, which we all know is an institution in Maryland. And for a long period of time, as you gentlemen and ladies have stressed frequently, there was a long, long arid period. I hope this will be the case this year, that we mean business, and in the future you can depend on this kind of a performance and hopefully much better.”

Angelos has already expressed interest in extending Buck Showalter’s contract and WBAL’s Brett Hollander mentioned last week that Lou Angelos mentioned working on a new contract for catcher Matt Wieters.

It should be a fun offseason. We’ll see just how serious ownership is about giving Buck some more bullets.