Over the weekend, Haruki Nakamura and several of his Ravens teammates organized an autograph signing to benefit tsunami and earthquake relief in Japan.  The event raised over $60,000, but some fan attendees have expressed their disappointment in the big names at the event.

Tickets were $50 a piece in several different zones of autographs.  Commenters on BaltimoreRavens.com and callers on 105.7 The Fan expressed that the big names were not in attendance for the full three hours of the event.

“Unfortunately, Ray and Ed left early an hundreds of fans and children were terribly disappointed,” one commenter named Nancy Cook posted on BR.com.

Another commenter elaborated on the stars leaving early.

I spent $100.00 and got no autographs, but I don’t mind that because of the cause. I do mind waiting two hours for nothing. I felt sorry for all the kids and their parents who waited so long and not get what they wanted. They also stated on this site you can get 5 autographs for $100.00, that was not the case. I did not think it was run very well at all. Will never attend another one.

These thoughts were echoed by a number of callers on the Norris and Davis Show on Monday. Fans said that Ray Rice spent an estimated 30-45 minutes and Joe Flacco also left before the 3 PM deadline.

I wasn’t there, but assuming that what these numerous sources said is in fact true, here are my thoughts…

In my opinion, this is terrible. These guys are raising money for a great cause and great for them. But if you sign up to sign autographs for three hours, you better stay for three hours. Telling fans that they can spend $50 to get Joe Flacco’s autograph if they’re there before 3 PM and they find out that isn’t the case is absolutely wrong.

You have to feel bad for Nakamura, a guy who wanted to raise money for Japan. He did just that, but the taste left in fan’s mouths will certainly be sour because of the lack of respect from his teammates.