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An hour before first pitch on Opening Day, the Ravens posted a photo on their official Facebook page asking Baltimore fans if they would rather be at M&T Bank Stadium than attending a game at Oriole Park At Camden Yards.

“Raise your hand if you’d rather be cheering in THIS stadium than a baseball stadium today,” the post read.

It’s since been removed and the Ravens issued an apology according to The Sun’s Matt Vensel.  “We made a mistake and we have apologized to the Orioles. In no way did we mean to disrespect the Orioles.”  The Ravens also posted an image of the Oriole bird in purple uniform wishing the O’s a Happy Opening Day.

If the roles were reversed, this is exactly the type of thing that would have fans outraged and fuming for weeks. Small radio stations would be whining about the organization and piling on a team that hasn’t won in a decade in a half.  Instead, this story will get brushed under the rug as the Ravens are the darling in this two sport town.  The post was classless and highlights the problem with a portion of fans in this city.

The Ravens should be united with the Orioles and vise-versa.  If the relationship isn’t pretty behind the scenes, then keep it behind the scenes.

Don’t try to separate the two fan bases.

And if you really want to know, I’d rather be at Camden Yards.

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Zach Wilt is the Founding Editor of and host of the BSR Podcast. He's a loyal Orioles, Ravens and Capitals fan who is obsessed with baseball, loves traveling, In-N-Out Burger and Walt Disney World.


  1. Patrick Guthrie

    Totally agree, extremely unnecessary move by Ravens PR. The seasons barely even coincide. Some idiotic Ravens PR intern is more than likely responsible.

  2. This may be the first time I agree with you Mr Wilt. United we stand. One team, one fight.

  3. This is just the latest example of the Ravens cockiness.

  4. The Ravens are just trying to tell you that baseball is dead in Baltimore,,,,,,,,,,,,it’s not that big a deal,,,,,,,,,,,the revealing thing is Zach would rather be at OPACY,,,loser………

    • Spy, you epitomize the bandwagon Ravens fan. Don’t break your ankles jumping off the bandwagon when they falter.

    • Why are you calling my man Zach, a loser. I think it’s time for you and I to meet spy. What are you doing tomorrow? Will you be working your part time job as the mouse at Chuuck e Cheese? Or are you and Mystery man playing hide the bologna with each other.

      • I see you and JimBob both qualify as receivers , and it has nothing to do with baseball,,,,,,,,,,,,I guess deliverance is your favorite movie and you probably watch it alone or with JimBob with the lights out………

  5. The Intimidator

    I would lay duckets that Harbaugh is responsible in some way for doing this. All these idiotic, look at me and my team, screw the fans shit has happened under Harbaughs stint. It’s not coincidental folks. Ravens were the most fan friendly team around until Harbaugh came onboard.

    Now the Ravens do a shitload of stupid things since the clown, Harbaugh, started coaching the team.

    Harbaugh needs attention, can’t take criticism and if you don’t do what he wants then he’ll go home or put you in his dumbass “Doghouse”.

    I bet it is pissing off Newsome, all of Harbaughs baby-ass shit. Newsome is a good guy and loves the fans.

    • That really makes no sense at all. So if you think the Ravens are not a fan friendly team anymore because of Harbaugh, what would they be if they had Rex Ryan as their head coach? Harbaugh is a great coach and Baltimore is lucky to have him..

      • The Intimidator

        Really goof? You think the Ravens are fan friendly? Man, don’t make me put my boy MGW on you, talking stupid shit like that.

        MGW, do you want to list all the un-fan friendly things the Ravens have done lately?

        Harbaugh a great coach? He’s Marty Schottenheimer / Andy Reid / Norv Turner all wrapped into one. Can’t win the big game! One win and done in the playoffs. Year after year…

        MGW, all yours…

        • You forgot Barry Switzer, Jeff Fisher, Brad Childress and Spy’s boy Tony Sparano. Other do nothing coaches who suck. Harbaugh is nothing bit a goofball. Just look at him on the sideline during the game. Looks like he is in the middle of a foosball game and he can;t find the ball.

          • The Intimidator

            I’m with ya 9Incher… Harbaugh is clueless and shows it every Sunday during football season…

    • I agree with you Intimidator,,,,,,,,,,,,,while I criticize ozzie plenty I know he doesn’t go for this shit,,,,,,,,,,Harbaugh is ruining this team for the fans and Bisciotti better wake up with one more ‘gut feeling’ real soon………….

  6. The Intimidator

    I was talking to MGW this morning about this and like he said, the Ravens should be backing the Orioles and the Orioles should back the Ravens.

    Ravens should have put out some “Good Luck Orioles” type things instead of the shit they did.

    Maybe Harbaugh was mad he wasn’t asked to throw out the “1st Pitch” and he put the Orioles in his “Doghouse”.

    • You wer talking to MGW this morning….? OH NO, you and him (he is a him?)you two aren’t…no, not like spy and mystery man…say it ain ‘t so. Ithought we were men. Well not, spy, mystery man, Mark and Lindsey….

  7. If you think that anyone of significance in the Ravens organization approved this and supported it, then you are probably mistaken. I don’t think that Harbaugh and Ozzie Newsome are sitting around updating our Facebook page. It was most likely just one or two people who decided to do that, could happen anywhere.

  8. Intimidator…you sound like a moron. You honestly think Harbaugh is carefully planning our Facebook page and monitoring our social status? He’s doing things related to football, not stupid social media. I wondered if there would be someone dumb enough to blame Harbaugh, and of course there is.

  9. They are united in many ways. If you truly follow the Ravens you’d know Steve Bisciotti is a die-hard Orioles fan. Always has, always will. This should get brushed under the rug. It happened, they apologized, thats it. Why carry it to make it a bigger deal? No need. I’ve been a Baltimore sports fan since ’64. It’ll all be fine. Go O’s! Go Ravens!

  10. Good point Paul.

  11. I totally agree!! Even though the Orioles haven’t had a winning season, we should still show some support. It only encourages them to try their best. I may not be a hardcore Oriole fan, but I do wish them the best in their season. There should be no reason “WE” the people of Baltimore should put down any of our teams.

    • The Intimidator

      Kenny, got to disagree with you on this… And I’m goina be nice since you write like you are intelligent, unlike John.

      I understand what your saying, I’ve been an Oriole fan all my life. Still am. I do wish them luck.

      But… This isn’t about the players…

      You stated “Even though the Orioles haven’t had a winning season, we should still show some support”. It’s not about winning at this point. After 13 years of stupid decisions by Orioles brass it’s time we fans say enough and show Angelos and his cronies that we are tired of this once proud franchise being run into the ground and is now one of the worst franchises in sports, not just baseball.

      The Oriole fans were the most loyal of fans but as you can see by turnout to the park, the Oriole fan is tired of this. Since Angelos and his buddies didn’t do anything while the fans were loyal and spending big bucks, then the fans need to stop lining his pockets and say “Enough”!

      Hope you understand, the fan isn’t pissed with the players, they are pissed about the way Angelos and his family/buddies are screwing them over with the stupid decisons that are being made.

  12. The Intimidator

    John, are you a fu!@ing asshole? You just think some low level clown in the organization just decided to do this without approval? The Ravens allow assclowns like you to post things in the media to their fans without high level approval?

    Put the Panamanian Powder down, stop barking at dogs and listen to me closely assclown.

    That shit might happen at Jiffy Lube where you work but this is a top level organization that insures proper chain of command is followed and this type of stuff is approved. Do you just put 5W30 oil in a vehicle without approval? Sure you do that’s Jiffy Lube. They allow you, John, to think out of the box and make command decisions. They want you to succeed, they don’t want you just stroking dipsticks all day. Pretty soon you won’t be the designated guy who has to drive to McDonalds and get lunch for everyone. You will be moving up to topping off washer fluid. Go get em Dingo! It’s a bright future ahead for you!

  13. You idiot…go shave those handle bars before someone slaps you for being a fat jackass. John Harbaugh is not monitoring our facebook page, and that’s the bottom line you stupid fat turd.

    • The Intimidator

      You didn’t? Did you? You actually rocked a wrestling cliche while trying to dog me? What are you? 12? Can’t believe you said “That’s the bottom line”. Ok “Stone Cold Steve Austin”, you got me worried… Can’t wait for your “If you smell what the assclown John is cooking!”.

      Can’t shave the mustache off “Muchacho”… Your wife says she likes the way it tickles her…

      Wait a minute… Wait just one minute… You said “John Harbaugh is not monitoring our facebook page”. Your commenting under the name “John”. Is this John Harbaugh?

      As for telling 9Incher to shove a nail up his ass. I’ll give you a word of advice. You ever been around a nasty, crazed, out of his mind, doesn’t care about shit, lunatic nutjob? Well Mr. Crossdresser, 9Incher beats the shit out of those guys for fun.

      Look assclown, after reading your shit, that “Nicoderm” patch ain’t going to work for you, you need “CrackHeadoderm” and you need to wear that shit like a shirt.

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