Before he ever stepped foot on the field in purple Willis McGahee joined the path of his teammates and had his own radio show every week.

As Baltimore continues to hold on to the hope they had in a Super Bowl season the Ravens continue to look at each other in disarray, wondering what is going wrong.

Their disarray has continually grown into public outcry as the stars and their shows continue to jaw back and forth, both about the team and other issues.

SportsCenter loves the “feud” that has been created between former-Raven Adalius Thomas and star Ray Lewis. In recent news Lewis called Thomas a “coward” for his remarks earlier, and Thomas fired back.

In addition to throwing harsh words at a former teammate Lewis questioned head coach Brian Billick about his play calling in last week’s 19-14 loss to the Buffalo Bills.

“That’s what Billick has to ask himself; why we keep putting ourselves in those situations,” Lewis said.

Lewis continued questioning his head coach saying that he did not understand why the Ravens refused to run the fall in a 4th and 1 situation.

Billick responded in his radio show saying, “There’s frustrations, and I don’t know that he’s not right.”

In light of the bye week some of the talking Ravens have been away from the microphone this week. “The Big show with JO” did not feature the Ravens future half of fame offensive lineman Jonathan Ogden, but rather the team’s second year punter Sam Koch.

McGahee was away from his show as well, he had ex-Raven Bennie Thompson fill in with ESPN 1300’s Anita Marks.

Thompson continued the trend of questioning Brian Billick’s role, saying he did not know if Billick’s not allowing offensive coordinator Rick Nueheisel to call plays was an “ego issue.”

Thompson explained that Tony Dungy does not call the plays for the Colts and he wonders why Billick has to do something so unusual for head coaches in the NFL.

Last week on McGahee’s show Anita Marks featured a campaign that would give the Ravens new running back the football 3o times. It was called “Free Willy” and was shown on t-shirts on location at the show.

McGahee had only 19 carries for 114 yards, but he left the game early due to dehydration.

The jawing Ravens could be in a downward spiral as the continue to question their leader and make “he-said-she-said” national headlines. If they want to get back on track they need to focus on traditional Baltimore football and worry less about responding to former teammates or questioning authority.