We’ve been waiting for months to catch a glimpse of the Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl rings. Now, ESPN’s Adam Schefter has finally shared what it looks like.

The Ravens purple logo is in the middle of the ring with their two Lombardi trophies behind. “World Champions” outline the left and right edges.

Ravens Super Bowl Ring

Early feedback on the design from fans on Facebook and Twitter hasn’t been great. Personally, I hope the Ravens have an ugly Super Bowl ring every year.

The Ravens will hand out their rings at a ceremony held on Friday night.

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  2. I’d be shocked if this turns out to be the real ring. All Josten rings are much nicer than this. Please visit my website to see every super bowl ring and you will see that this must be a fake ring. visit the super bowl ring gallery



  3. Yeah, hopefully this isn’t the ring… No pizzazz to it…

  4. You can bet Lewis had the say on the two trophy’s , they don’t mean anything to most of the others, pretty selfish if you ask me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Ravens 2488 is right , it is ugly………………..

    They should have put a ini-brow on it………

    • Ugly, no championship ring is ugly. Hell, put a 3rd trophy on it next year. See, this is what happens when fans become spoiled. Win a championship and complain about the ring, WTF? Do you think the Patriots fans are whining about what their rings look like? Hell no! I hope the 2013 Baltimore Orioles World Series ring is just as ugly!

      • Hey 9inchnails, if you’ll notice with Spy he’s like the BSR female critic. He seems to care an awful lot about jewelry and I’ve seen him make a few comments about men’s looks. Sure, he tries to throw you off with talks of women when a pic is posted, but we all know the real deal. It’s ok, the site is open to all lifestyles and confused genders.

        • Carl , you do not pay attention or you cannot comprehend what you are trying to read,,,,,,,I have never commented on mens looks or jewelry,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,go pound sand…………………

          • Now, all things being fair, you did comment on Nestor’s weenine… :)

          • You haven’t? I swear I read a couple of posts complaining about the design of the Ravens rings, i.e. jewelry. I also swore I saw some comment about one of the writers looks here on the site. And I thought I saw some conversations about weenies that you were involved in. Yes, yes I did read all of those comments and yes, you did post all of those comments yesterday. Stop living a lie Spy. Your parents will accept you for who you are.

          • Carl, Your sausage and peppers with a side order of fries are up! In all fairness, (I feel like a referee) I kinda gave Spy permission to talk about my weenie. That was BIG of me. Carl, Your two hot dogs and fries are up! Now, Nestor might object to his weenie being talked about. Carl, Your sausage and peppers are up! Geez, how many Carl’s are out there? I have never seen so many Carl’s in my life.

      • Don’t hold your breath on that one,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,no ring for the O’s until they get a number one pitcher,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”’

  5. So Carl, are you saying Spy does indeed play in the sandbox but he plays in the same one as Brendan Ayebejo? Liberace, Rock Hudson? OMG, I thought Spy had dumped Mystery man for Jim from Dundalk for Dude for Chow for Slapshot….guess I was mistake. I was always taught Adam and Eve not Spy and Sly…..!

  6. By the way , I forgot to mention the ring reminds me of 911………………….just look at the twin towers,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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