Due to the lockout putting teams on a tight deadline to make signings, NFL free agency this year is pretty much impossible to follow. Here at BSR, we’ll try to help you out with our Free Agent Tracker. Here we track the comings and goings of Ravens free agents, meaning you can keep up with who leaves Baltimore, and who will be a new face in the purple and black.

Currently, you’ll see a few “2011 Team” spaces left blank. As players agree to contracts and sign those contracts, we’ll update that space.

***Additionally, you’ll see Casey Rabach’s name crossed out. This is because he failed his physical after agreeing to a contract, and therefore will not be playing with the Ravens this season.***


Player Pos. Age 2010 Team 2011 Team Story
Marc Bulger QB 34 Ravens None (Retired) USA Today
Fabian Washington CB 28 Ravens Saints Bradenton Herald
Chris Carr CB 28 Ravens RAVENS Baltimore Sun
Donte’ Stallworth WR 30 Ravens Redskins ESPN
Dawan Landry SS 28 Ravens Jaguars Jacksonville.com
Le’Ron McClain FB 26 Ravens Chiefs Kansas City Star
Josh Wilson CB 26 Ravens Redskins Baltimore Sun
Jared Gaither OT 25 Ravens Chiefs Washington Post
Kevin Houser LS 33 Ravens
Chris Chester OG 28 Ravens Redskins Washington Post 
Marshal Yanda OG 26 Ravens RAVENS Carroll Co.Times
Tony Moll OT 27 Ravens Jaguars Jaguars.com
TJ Houshmandzadeh WR 33 Ravens
Derrick Mason WR 37 Ravens Damn Jets! NY Times
Todd Heap TE 31 Ravens Cardinals AZ Daily Sun
Kelly Gregg DT 34 Ravens Chiefs Natl. Football Post
Willis McGahee HB 29 Ravens Broncos Pro Football Talk 
Prescott Burgess LB 27 Ravens RAVENS Baltimore Sun
Vonta Leach FB 29 Texans RAVENS Pro Football Talk
Casey Rabach C 33 Redskins RAVENS Baltimore Sun
Bernard Pollard SS 26 Chiefs RAVENS Natl. Football Post
Ricky Williams RB 34 Dolphins RAVENS Pro Football Talk

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  1. I bet ozzie wants Josh Wilson back,,,,,,,,,,,do you miss him yet ozzie ?

  2. I think Ozzie feels Jimmy Smith is a cheaper replacement for Josh Wilson with much more upside.

  3. @ Edgar,,,,,,,,,what about Foxworth , Wilson should have replaced him ? Foxworth is a 7 million cap hit while Wilson would have been less than half that amount……….ozzie dropped the football big time on this one…………..

  4. Spy- what would have been the cap hit for releasing Foxworth?

  5. Spy, Foxworth is not a $7M cap hit. If he makes the maximum amount on his contract (which he obviously has not), he gets paid close to $7M. He only gets paid $4.4M in guaranteed money, meaning his cap hit is around that number. Taking into account he’s a strong locker room presence and the team’s player rep, that’s a good $4.4M to keep around (not to mention he can be a pretty good cornerback too). And as Sadler says, cutting a guy doesn’t just make the money disappear. They’d still have to pay cap penalties for Foxworth’s $4.4M this year and $6.2M next year.

    When a player signs a contract, there is an actual cap hit negotiated into their contract, and that number is very close to their guaranteed base salary.

    And honestly, what did you see in Wilson that was so special? Carr was better than him in every game I watched. The only thing Wilson had going for him was that he was fast, and he still got beat several times. If your only memory of his performance last season was that INT against the Texans, you need to try to remember the way he was abused by Roddy White in Atlanta and how he fell down to cost the Ravens a game they should’ve won.

  6. Edgar,

    Spy wears Ravens ‘jammies to bed, his friend Shumyungi told me so (read their back and forths, pretty entertaining).

    He’s never going to say anything negative about his Ravens! He was touting them Super Bowl champs before the labor agreement was even in place, not knowing what the salary cap implications would be, who they’d lose to free agency, who they’d bring in. He’s brainwashed.

  7. mister spry a good guy. he and me rike pray tummy sticks one day. mister spry and me go to movie soon. Chow cant wait as i rike mister spry and he good friend mine. mister spry you go to BSR night at oriole game friday night with me? mister carr you go? can mister spry and Chow sit together if go? mister spry and chow do jerro shooter and get wasted.

  8. I can’t talk logic to some of you if you really believe Carr is better than Wilson , and if you believe Foxworth is the better fit there is no hope for you,,,,,,,,,,,this secondary will keep the Ravens from another super bowl appearance,,,,,,,,,,ozzie has screwed up the o-line also…………

    I would like to burn the Ravens PJs but my mistress like the trap door , COME to think of it so do I……..

  9. @Jim – Heard a train came through your house? Was everyone happy?

  10. Is it crazy for me to want TJ Houshmazilli back?

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