Torrey Smith talks about Ravens road issuesThe Baltimore Ravens road woes have been getting the magnifying glass treatment this week. Honestly, it’s probably because it’s the team’s bye week and we all have to fill a week’s worth of content into two weeks.


But it definitely is a concern. The Ravens are averaging over twice as many points scored at The Bank this season (32.3) than on the road (15.1). They’re averaging 422 total yards a game at home and just 266 yard on the road.

The team’s struggles away from their home sweet home are so concerning that wide receiver Torrey Smith says fans are stopping him everywhere to ask about how the Ravens can fix this issue.

“I don’t know, but I’ve been getting asked that by everyone – in grocery stores and everywhere. (laughter) I don’t know. You’re putting all the same players on the field, you’ve just got to execute, and for whatever reason on the road we haven’t done as well.”

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  1. Obviously he is easy to stop both on and off the field,,,,,,,,,,,,,he needs to get tougher,,,,,,,,,,by the way , is it my imagination or has Harbs slowly gotten rid of most of the tough guys and brought in ‘yes sir’ players……not many players left who get in the doghous,,,,,,,yes sir mr.Harbough , no sir mr Harbough , I will mr harbaugh , it makes me sick , we used to be tough and physical , I don’t see it any more……………..

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