Various outlets are reporting that the Baltimore Ravens have signed recently re-instated WR Dante’ Stallworth to a 1 year deal worth $900,000. Stallworth was just re-instated by NFL commissioner Roger Goddell over the weekend. He was subsequently released by the Cleveland Browns. Stallworth did not play last year while serving a suspension for vehicular manslaughter.

I have to say I am surprised by this move. I did not think that the Ravens would go near Stallworth considering his mistakes and the image risk that comes with him. I also am not convinced that Stallworth will have much of an impact with the Ravens. He does add a speed element the team has been missing at the receiver position, but how much will he have lost after a year layoff?

I would assume this is just the first addition the Ravens will make at the position and they are clearly not expecting Stallworth to be a go-to type of receiver. It does show, perhaps, that the Ravens are more serious about getting talent to compliment Joe Flacco. And maybe ore willing to take some risks. At $900K the financial risk is not too great, but you can cue up the Ray Lewis, Jamal Lewis ex-con jokes.

So what do you, the BSR readers, have to say about signing Stallworth? Good move, bad move, or indifferent?