What’s a Steelers fan to do? I’m sure folks in Baltimore could care less about the emotions in the Steel City, but Super Bowl XLVII poses an interesting conundrum for fans of the black and gold mustard yellow.

The Ravens are obviously Pittsburgh’s arch-nemesis, they hate Baltimore more than any of the other 31 football franchises. And Ravens fans return that hatred right back to them.

So it’s obvious that Steelers fans will be rooting for little brother Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers over John and the Ravens, right? Not so fast.

As every NFL fan knows (because Pittsburgh fans can’t seem to keep quiet about it), the Steelers are the only franchise to win six Super Bowls in NFL history. However, the 49ers have won five. Is that enough for Pittsburgh fans to root against San Francisco?

Man, as a Ravens fan this Pittsburgh pickle makes the Super Bowl even more enjoyable. Either way they lose.

I don’t ever recall rooting for the Steelers in the “big game”. I just don’t think my body is physically capable of doing so. Therefore, I can’t picture Pittsburgh fans burying the hatchet on February 3.

Although they certainly do value their “we have six rings” argument. What do you think?