Michael Phelps awkwardly hugs Rays LewisWhile perusing through some photos of the Baltimore Ravens epic nationally televised beat down of the Cincinnati Bengals, I stumbled upon this little beauty.

Retired Olympian/Baltimore native Michael Phelps ran out of the Ravens tunnel on Monday night and was caught in a warm embrace with cyclist/future Hall of Fame linebacker Ray Lewis.

The 22-time Olympic medalist wasn’t the only special guest at M&T Bank Stadium though. Cal Ripken Jr., Brady Anderson, J.J. Hardy, Mark Reynolds, Matt Wieters, Jim Johnson and Adam Jones were all spotted supporting the Ravens as well.

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  1. A little bro-love from .. Micheal Phelps?

  2. not ackward at all , stop hyping stuff

  3. Nah, not awkward. Looks more like Phelps is in awe. Pretty cool shot. Didn’t know a lot of O’s players were there gettin’ some love on the big screen, too. Of course ESPN misses that on their broadcast. Ah well. Still an epic opening night!

  4. A couple of guys lovin the Baltimore sports scene , what is wrong with that,,,,,,grow up……………..

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