If you are a frequent BSR reader then you know that I, Zach Wilt, am not the biggest fan of one Rex Ryan.  As recent as last week I talked about Ryan’s latest embarrassment, yelling the f-word at a fan during halftime of the Jets-Patriots game.  I have constantly said that the hype that Ryan has built in New York will ultimately lead to his demise likely before he ever wins anything significant.

With that said, the NFL’s $75,000 fine that they slapped Ryan with for his little f-bomb on a fan is completely unwarranted.

On the BSR podcast, Patrick, Matt and I discuss in full detail how ridiculous this fine is and how it goes against everything they promoted about Ryan just a year ago.  Using foul language was what Rex became known for during HBO’s Hard Knocks and something that the league used to promote their brand just last season.  No fines were handed out for Ryan using obscenities when the league received hype and national attention.

But, when Ryan gets caught in the moment and fires back at a fan while walking into the locker room it costs him $75,000.  What happened to that being Rex’s personality?

As Pat pointed out in our podcast, how many times do you think John Madden told a fan to piss off on the way to the locker room?  Probably countless.  Fortunately for him, he didn’t coach in the era of cell phone cameras.

It’s these double standards in the NFL that drive me absolutely crazy.  Champagne celebrations aren’t allowed in NFL locker rooms because the league doesn’t want to encourage kids to drink, yet every six seconds Miller Lite is advertising their douchey “Man Up” commercials.  If it makes money for the league, it doesn’t matter.