After the BYE week the Ravens have scary travels ahead with some of the most powerful teams in the NFL.

They begin with a trip to Pittsburgh to face their archival Steelers, then they go home to face the Bengals, and Browns in the following weeks. Two games that should come easy for the Ravens, but both teams defeated Baltimore on their home fronts.

After the division games it is a trip the west coast the square off against the San Diego Chargers, then back home to face the power houses of the NFL the Patriots and the Super Bowl Champion Colts.

Not an easy second half for a 4-3 team who expected a lot more than the production they have shown.

The Ravens are half a game back from the Steelers (4-2) in the AFC North, but their 3 losses come to teams with a combined 7-11 record.

Baltimore has totaled just ten touchdowns in seven weeks of play, compare that to Tom Brady’s 27 he has scored alone.

If the Ravens wish to prove that they are a Super Bowl caliber team they will have to do so in the toughest eight weeks of play, playing four division games and arguably the three best teams in the AFC.

For Baltimore it will be a matter of getting the offense going, a familiar story for a team who has scored just 124 points this season, 54 of which have come from Matt Stover’s 18 field goals.

Indianapolis, known for its power offense, has put up nearly 200 points, 22 of which have come from touchdowns.

The Ravens need a powerful running game that will wear down the strong defenses of San Diego and New England, mixed with some sort of passing game.

Baltimore has yet to commit its offense to any form of style, only one that wears its own defense down and frequents in 3-and-outs.

In addition to having one of the toughest second half schedules in the NFL, the Ravens also are forced to deal with three nationally televised games. Baltimore plays Pittsburgh on Monday night, New England on Monday night, and Indianapolis on Sunday night.

Their nationally televised record is far from pretty, Baltimore lost one to the now 2-4 Bengals in week 1 and are 0-4 in combined 2006-2007 seasons in nationally televised games.

To be the team the Ravens think they are they need to prove to their city that they can beat some of the best teams in all of football. Their offense must click, they must stop powerful quarterbacks, and overcome a drought they have been going through for the past two years.