Sergio Kindle has impressed at Ravens Training CampThe curious case of Sergio Kindle rolls on in Baltimore.

Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh told reporters that Kindle is “not a lock [for the 53-man roster],” according to Jason Butt of “[But] he’s done really well and this game will be important for him.”

After astounding John Harbaugh in training camp in early August and showing improvements in the Ravens first preseason game against the Falcons a week later, Kindle didn’t even suit up against the Jaguars. Thursday’s final preseason game in St. Louis could make or break his NFL career.

So far, Kindle’s legacy consists of a freak accident and a DUI. He can turn it around with a solid effort against the Rams.

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  1. Cut him….? Maybe push him down two flights of steps? Put some fire to his bong? Put some TH to his C?

  2. Kindle really is a sad case. He seemingly had a ton of physical talent, but very little grey matter in his cracked skull. I wish him well in life, but really believe his career was over when he mysteriously fell down not one, but two flights of stairs and then followed that up with yet another DUI. God speed, Sergio.

  3. I agree with MGW , really too bad for Kindle ,,,,,,,,,,, I look at it another way also , I don’t believe he warranted such a high pick from Ozzie , at the tiime , everyone had him slipping further down in the draft , we now know why ,,,,,,, once again Ozzie mis-played the odds………the Ravens have had way too many second round draft busts , these high draft choices are supposed to impact your team right away , omsy of Ozzie’s look like fifth round chances………………..

  4. Looks like Kindle is sticking around. He is making minimum money so it’s a good move.

    He who laughs last, get the crack pipe last…S Kindle.

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