JediZobristSaturday’s game at Tropicana Field is also Star Wars Appreciation Day.

Because I love the O’s and my kid loves Star Wars, we will be attending. We will also be walking away with our Ben Zobrist Jedi Bobblehead.

Anyway, this whole Star Wars Day started me thinking. “What if the Orioles showed up in costume? Who should they be?”

Here are a few that I thought up, but I’m open to suggestions. Use the comment section. Use Facebook. I am totally up to adding more or changing the list.

Adam Jones

This one was easy. There are only two characters in Star Wars that has Jonsie’s swagger and I chose the cooler of the two. Plus look at those smiles.

lando adam

Nate McLouth

This choice might be based on the hair or yellow eye wear. McLouth could use Luke’s Jedi skills when hitting a left-hander.

Luke Nate

Peter Angelos

Who didn’t see this coming?

Palpatine Peter

Buck Showalter

Disappointment and contemplation stares (and a thinning hairline) make this choice easy.

yoda Buck

Nick Markakis

Take an expressionless player and give a rocket for an arm…. boom!

Boba Nick