Torrey Smith feels better now that Steelers miss postseason

For the first time in the John Harbaugh/Joe Flacco era, the Baltimore Ravens are sitting at home during the postseason. I’m not used to this, it just feels weird.

The Ravens streak of five consecutive postseason appearances was snapped when they were defeated by the Cincinnati Bengals in week 17 and for a few moments it seemed as though the Pittsburgh Steelers might actually sneak their way into the playoffs. Pittsburgh needed beat Browns, have the Ravens to lose to the Bengals, Jets to defeat the Dolphins and Chiefs beat the Chargers.

The first three happened, they missed that last one by this much.

Chargers defeat Chiefs to keep Steelers out of postseason

Despite the disappointment of missing the postseason, Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith felt a little better about golfing in January when he saw that Pittsburgh was out too.

Smith isn’t much of a smack talker, but he did say back in October that Ike Taylor brings out the worst in him.

Image Credit: Jeffrey Beal
GIF Credit: BuzzFeed Sports