Stephen A. Smith rips Orioles for schedule conflict with RavensI don’t watch First Take and it’s because of stuff like this. Twitter was abuzz this afternoon about Stephen A. Smith trashing the Baltimore Orioles for forcing the Ravens to open their season on the road.

Smith joins Peyton Manning as the latest person uninformed on the schedule conflict. I’m not even going to go around in the pointless finger pointing circle on that one. Check out Jake’s piece from earlier today.

The comments on First Take fired up a number of fans including Susan Graham Cox who asked Smith to “do some research” before trying “to destroy the reputation of a great organization.” Smith replied “Puh-leeze. There isn’t a damn thing great about the Orioles.”

By the way, Matt Vensel of The Baltimore Sun joined us on the BSR Podcast this week and said that the Ravens ultimately decided to open on the road. He said they could have worked out a Sunday or Monday night deal if they wanted to. You’ll never hear Smith or Manning bring that up though.

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Zach Wilt is the Founding Editor of and host of the BSR Podcast. He's a loyal Orioles, Ravens and Capitals fan who is obsessed with baseball, loves traveling, In-N-Out Burger and Walt Disney World.


  1. Just wish one of the national guys would pick up the truth behind this and publish something for Smith and all others to take a look at and see that nobody is at fault for the situation but Goodell. That’s it. Frustrating as hell when we, as individual fans and bloggers, can’t reach an audience with valid information but Smith can go on ESPN, talk nonsense and lie, and everybody catches on and that’s all they know.

  2. This whole thing has pitted Ravens and Orioles fans against each other. It’s sad.

  3. Stephen A Smith, the A stands for ASSHOLE!

  4. Everyone who doesn’t agree with you isn’t uninformed,,,,,,,,,,did you ever stop to think they may be right,,,,,,,,,,you and I know the decision never even got past Peter the Great , sometimes the truth hurts even when you try to spin it your way……………………

    • spy, do you know when last year’s NFL kickoff game was played?

      Wednesday night, 5 September Defending Super Bowl Champs hosted the Dallas Cowboys. Let me repeat WEDNESDAY night, September 5th.

      Do you know Camden Yards will be void of both baseball and football this coming WEDNESDAY night? No O’s game, no NFL Kickoff game.

      The NFL tried to throw their weight around and get the game for Thursday night. MLB, the “David” in this “David and Goliath” fight, didn’t back down.

      Who loses? Baltimore.

      Whose fault? Roger Goodell’s.

    • Did you know the Ravens moved their game twice for the O’s,,,,it was the O’s turn to help the Ravens, but nooooooooooooooooo , the decision never got past Angelos because he doesn’t like the Ravens,,,,,,,,,just watch comcast and see who gets the best coverage , it ain’t the Ravens, would you believe it’s the Redskins………

      • Oh spy, you really need to bone up on your facts.

        Angelos owns MASN, not Comcast.

        Geez, this is ridiculous.

        • You better listen to spy , he is correct , we all know Angelos owns MASN not comcast but he was involved in the MASN contract with comcast and insisted the redskins and o’s get priority coverage,,,,you will have to ask him why he didn’t include the Ravens in priority coverage,,,,,,if you recall , until the new comcast/MASN contract the Ravens had a great show called Monday Morning Q-back and had much better post game coverage , didn’t you notice the extra coverage for the Redskins,,,,,,this was all Angelos controlled,,,,,,better bone up on your facts or get some memory pills……………..Angelos hates the success of the Ravens and you know it,,,,,,,he is simply jealous……………………..

      • Two Preseason games.

        • Do you realize when the Ravens moved their preseason games they were drawing many , many more fans then the O’s……………… was the O’s time to give back but they didn’t….

  5. You and I don’t always agree but you are in no way misinformed. Would you change your wedding date to accomodate MGW’s wedding. No. So the Orioles should not give in either. I would say the same thing if the Ravens had their schedule out first. The reality of game 138 or not is meaningless.

    The last time is snowed in Essex did you move your Vette for the lady next door who wanted to park in her usual spot?

  6. Spy takes any chance he can get to take a shot at Angelos. And no, I would not change my wedding date for MGW’s same sex wedding date.

    • Pole, you believed that I was actually going to have a same sex marriage?

      Gotta tell you he truth, fella. I only said that due to the harassment that you and Dean the Tuna have endured since your union. Look, it’s fine with me and your other buddies that you and Tuna have made it legal, but the truth is I just said that out of compassion.

      None of us will judge you here. You and Tuna are happier than a lot of traditional couples I know.

      Rock on, buddy. We’re all with you! Tuna is a great guy!

    • The truth hurts , just like same sex marriage………….

      • Not if you are broken in already.

        Mystery Man, Jim from Dundalk, Dude…can you verify. Years in jail will loosen a man up!

        I spent years in law enforcement so I am speaking from knowledge. Guys like Ravens2488 can speak from first hand, bent over all the time knowledge….

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