You’d think that after a good night’s sleep that the emotions of last night’s 23-20 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers would have subsided. You’d be wrong.

Maybe it is just me, but I’m tired of seeing Todd Heap miss blocks and drop balls. I don’t think I saw a pass thrown to him that he could’ve caught last night…one was tipped. What I did see a lot of was Heap running after a player that he should’ve blocked. Flacco took a few hits off poor blocking from our over rated/under healthy tight end.

On that same note I’d like to take this time to say that I’m tired of the self proclaimed “Top 5 Running Back,” Willis McGahee. When Suzy Kolber decides to tell Mike Tirico that the Ravens back is clearly “out of shape” that’s when you know its bad. Willis can’t go five plays without getting banged up. He had more yards in the golf cart last night then he did on the field. Get in shape or get out. We ran Jamal Lewis out of town for this guy? I don’t think so. I’m perfectly fine with a Ray Rice/ Le’Ron McClain duo, at least those guys wanna be there.

One image stuck out in my mind after last night’s game, it was head coach John Harbaugh yelling in Jarret Johnson’s ear for an idiotic personal foul that completely changed the momentum of the game. Everyone knows that Hines Ward is gonna run around with a stupid grin on his face the entire game, but hit him on the field. I’ve been on Harbaugh for his all talk discipline plan, but he was giving Johnson and ear full and I appreciate seeing that. After all, that moment is when the game made a dramatic 180.