Just two weeks into the season Ravens fans have experience a full ranged of emotions in following their team.  In the eyes of Baltimore fans the Ravens have gone for Super Bowl favorites to a team that could miss the playoffs with their week one pounding of the Steelers and by the Titans.

On Monday the Ravens returned to work determined the get a win against the Rams in St. Louis on week three.  Their linebacker and week one defensive player of the week, Terrell Suggs, acknowledged the Ravens fans agitation in a tweet posted before Monday’s practice.

“That bandwagon has gotten a lot lighter,” Suggs tweeted.  Now “we get to see who’s really wit[h] us!!!!”

Personally, I think it’s a little too early to jump off the bandwagon.  We’re still in September.  The Ravens will likely have higher highs and lower lows, but will hit their stride later in the season.  I talked about that earlier when I wrote that I still expect this Ravens team to be a threat.

As a side note, Sizzle is a guest on Peter King’s podcast this week.  We’ll post the link to the interview when it gets published.